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Medical Tourism- Gateway to a better life

Medical tourism has indeed brought about a huge change in the world of medicine. The fact that people can now travel to different countries for the sole purpose of getting a much needed surgery done, and the fact that these countries have been cooperative in doing so, is surely commendable!The thing about medical tourism is that patients from developed countries tend to visit countries (that are not necessarily well developed) in order to get critical surgeries done for a lot of reasons, the first being, sometimes the entire cost involved in traveling to another country and getting the best medical attention there works out to be far more affordable than doing the same in their own country. Furthermore, if the surgery is some kind of an organ transplant then the wait time is quite long which a good idea isn’t usually if the patient’s condition is bad. Medical aid in countries certified to provide the best in healthcare are probably the best destinations to get big surgeries done.
Another reason why medical tourism is widely encouraged is because the revenue from every surgery or consultation ultimately helps in the economy of that country. This is a big boon to all of those developing countries where certain parts are well developed while certain others are still on their way, medical tourism truly generates a significant amount of revenue to play an important role in the nation’s economy. If you have decided to get your surgery done abroad, then there are a few aspects you have to take note of before you continue with the process. Firstly, make sure the hospital is a reputed one with great doctors, if you feel you’re stay is going to be a long one, then there are apartments near these hospitals where you can stay as long as required. Have a positive outlook and wish you a speedy recovery!

Medical Tourism – Boon To A Country’s Economy Like India

Medical tourism has become famous in the entire world. The concept of medical tourism has become famous because of the over-sized expenses which incurs for healthcare in their own country. One can compare the treatment expenses between two countries and opt for the cheaper ones. India is one of the countries which offer cheap medical treatment. Another major advantage of medical tourism is that the patients need not wait for long by saving huge chunks of money. The medical groups are in an expanding state and the countries that offer medical tourism are considered the best in the field.
After medical tourism came into India, the healthcare industry is constantly growing at a rate of 30%. With such vast growth, India is considered as the global health destination. This is a win-win situation because both tourism and health affairs industry are benefited by this. The Governments support medical tourism and have indulged in the process of making countries like India, a major front runner when it comes to medical tourism. Not only the ministry of tourism has shown interest in medical tourism, but private sectors like travel agents and hotel companies have also agreed to support medical tourism. People have quoted that with the range in which the healthcare and tourism are growing, India has the potential to become World Number 1 in favoring medical tourism.
As the research says, India could easily earn $1 Billion and create job opportunities for 40 million people if they sign contract with British National Health Service. If this contract is signed officially, the patients waiting for treatment in UK would drastically decrease and they would get access to healthcare in the quickest time possible. Many deals from UK and US have made India’s growth in medical tourism so high that India is the most preferred center by other countries.

Medical Tourism has revolutionized the look of modern medicine!

Medical tourism has become more frequent in the recent times. The reason for this may be the lack of facilities in the country or the cost of the medical procedure. Going overseas for medical treatment isn’t an easy task. One needs to take care of a lot of processes before selecting the overseas treatment. To have a low-cost and high quality treatment, one must follow a step by step procedure to find out what is suitable for them.
• The first step is contacting the Library of Medicine. Library of medicine offers services for certain diseases which will benefit the diseased people. The United States library of medicine is known to be the largest library in the world.
• Once you decide on the type of treatment, it is important to keep track of the medical tourism destination to decide on your travel.
• Also, when finding a health care provider, it is important that you should have the basic knowledge about their facilities and procedures.
• On deciding a particular country for treatment, arrange your medical records up to date and cross check with your insurance company for coverage. Some hospitals agree to perform free surgery on special cases.
According to certain case studies, the top 5 countries that provide high quality medical tourism are Panama, Brazil, Malaysia, Costa Rica and India. The main reason why medical tourism has become a huge hit is because of the purpose it serves. Medical tourism has been creating a positive impact on the country’s economy and tourism. It is a win-win situation for those who choose medical tourism and the country which has been chosen. The main phenomenon of the medical tourism is that it gets the foreign investors to invest in your country by giving them top-class treatment. One can enjoy their best services and care while you are under treatment.

Medical Tourism – Why is it Significant In Today’s Healthcare Scenario?

Medical tourism is one word that seems to have made the rounds in almost every major hospital around the world, though the purpose behind each mention can be quite different. Some may be suggesting other countries to their patients whereas there are hospitals that have proven to be a major hub for medical tourists. Well, it is more than often that one comes across patients whose financial capacity is much smaller when compared to the estimated hospital bills. In such cases, in order to receive the much needed care at a reasonable cost, those patients are sent across to other smaller countries where the same or equivalent treatment is provided at a cost that is much less expensive. Usually this case is prevalent where people from the west gladly go in for treatment in countries like India or Singapore.
Earlier medical tourism was restricted to major heart surgeries and for other popular treatments, however in recent times, even for life threatening diseases such as cancer and organ transplantation, medical tourism has definitely risen for all the aspects mentioned and has indeed proven to be a great source for revenue to the host country’s economy. Since, it is most often that it happens to be a developing country; medical tourism has openly been encouraged by the respective governments. After all, service to humanity should not just be restricted to only a particular nation’s citizens. This is why medical tourism is continuously evolving and is getting to be better than the best slowly. There is also another instance where doctors or other healthcare professionals are sent across to treat when the patients are large in number, in the event of an epidemic. We must always work towards making this entire world a better place, but for that to happen, every country and its citizens must show their support.

Medical tourism – The Shortest Route to Affordable Healthcare

Medical tourism is a migration undergone by patients where they travel abroad with the hope of finding cure for their disease at a lower cost. However, there are many things to be noted before one embarks upon this journey.
The initial step involved in medical tourism is to collect testimonials from health travelers who have been to various parts of the world in the search of better health care. The Internet is a good place to scout for this information as the medical travelers maintain blogs which explains their journey extensively.
The next step is to research your own illness and the treatment procedure a little bit. For example, there is no point in going abroad for a treatment that is available in your own country at the same price. Therefore, smart research is required before you go in for any kind of medical tourism.
It is advisable to plan ahead in terms of non-emergency cases as this will ensure that the patient saves up on a lot in transportation costs. When you calculate the expenses for medical tourism, the travel expenses must also be included under the costs as that is your purpose of travelling abroad.
Sometimes low cost can mean a compromise in quality as well. It is important to analyze your options before going in for a treatment abroad because your health care is something that you do not want to take a chance with.
Currently, Europe is the best place for cardiac surgery and India has got amazing places where they use natural methods to heal people. This kind of information is abundant on the internet and it is important for any medical traveler to do his research properly before going because medical tourism is a costly affair.

Medical Tourism- Saving Lives Across Borders!

Medical tourism is popularly defined as the movement of patients across different countries, be it developed or developing nations, for the purpose of obtaining better medical facilities. This medical tourism is preferred as some countries would have selective procedures and also perform complex surgeries. Medical tourism today, is not like the traditional model of medicine where patient movement happens usually from less developed countries to highly developed countries due to lack of resources. It is a known fact that over 50 countries have adopted this concept of medical tourism to treat patients equally around the world. It is also a risky job but in most of the complex cases, it has proven to be successful.
The reasons for preferring Medical tourism is that, their country might cost more than the one that they chose. Another reason is the modern day globalization because of which medical tourism has gained popularity all over the world. Also, the Library of Medicine offers various services to choose which country has the professionals in their area of expertise. Thus the patients have an access to the experts in the industry and aim for a quick recovery. It is because of the convenience and speed with which these offers are identified and put to maximum use.
With consistent improvements in standards of medicine and technology, people prefer the best which will give them confidence and maximum chances of recovery. People opt for medical tourism mostly because of the time they are asked to wait because of overcrowding. Another major reason is that few surgeries do not count in the health care policies. In such cases, people tend to choose this type of treatment rather than the traditional method which will cost a lot. Thus, Medical tourism must be used in the most effective way possible so that people across borders, race and religion can save lives!

Live Liver Donation Safer Than Previously Thought

Live liver donation is believed to be more dangerous than it really is, said study leader and transplant surgeon Dr. Dorry Segev. As a result, there is a significant shortage of livers available for the 16,000 people currently in need of a liver transplant. “The donor process is safer than some have previously thought,” Segev, director of clinical research in transplant surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said in a Hopkins news release. “Live liver donation is a serious operation with serious risks. However, in this largest study ever conducted in the United States, we have shown that it is safer than many previously believed, with a risk of death of 1.7 per 1,000 donors.”

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Live Liver Donation Safer Than Previously Thought


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Pets Help Women Cope HIV AIDS

Researchers conducted 12 focus groups with 48 women with HIV/AIDS to find out how they stay healthy. The women, whose average age was 42, said that five social roles helped them manage their illness. The study also found that being stigmatized had a negative impact because it prevented women from revealing their illness and seeking out appropriate supports, the Case Western Reserve University researchers said. Webel noted that the human and animal bond in healing and therapy is receiving increasing recognition and more animals are visiting nursing homes to connect to people with dementia, or visiting children going through long hospital stays.

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First Drug Ok’d to Combat Spreading Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Researchers evaluated the safety and effectiveness of Erivedge in a clinical study of 96 people with locally advanced or metastatic cancer. Of those with metastatic disease, 30 percent had at least a partial response to the drug, while 43 percent of people with locally advanced basal cell had at least a partial response. Because of the potential risk for death or severe birth defects to a fetus, the drug will be packaged with a label warning, and doctors will not prescribe it to women who are pregnant, the agency said. Men and women will be advised to use birth control while taking the pills.The most frequently cited side effects of Erivedge included muscle spasms, hair loss, weight loss, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, distorted sense of taste, decreased appetite, constipation and vomiting.

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First Drug Ok’d to Combat Spreading Basal Cell Skin Cancer