Medical tourism has become famous in the entire world. The concept of medical tourism has become famous because of the over-sized expenses which incurs for healthcare in their own country. One can compare the treatment expenses between two countries and opt for the cheaper ones. India is one of the countries which offer cheap medical treatment. Another major advantage of medical tourism is that the patients need not wait for long by saving huge chunks of money. The medical groups are in an expanding state and the countries that offer medical tourism are considered the best in the field.
After medical tourism came into India, the healthcare industry is constantly growing at a rate of 30%. With such vast growth, India is considered as the global health destination. This is a win-win situation because both tourism and health affairs industry are benefited by this. The Governments support medical tourism and have indulged in the process of making countries like India, a major front runner when it comes to medical tourism. Not only the ministry of tourism has shown interest in medical tourism, but private sectors like travel agents and hotel companies have also agreed to support medical tourism. People have quoted that with the range in which the healthcare and tourism are growing, India has the potential to become World Number 1 in favoring medical tourism.
As the research says, India could easily earn $1 Billion and create job opportunities for 40 million people if they sign contract with British National Health Service. If this contract is signed officially, the patients waiting for treatment in UK would drastically decrease and they would get access to healthcare in the quickest time possible. Many deals from UK and US have made India’s growth in medical tourism so high that India is the most preferred center by other countries.

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