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Medical Tourism – Why is it Significant In Today’s Healthcare Scenario?

Medical tourism is one word that seems to have made the rounds in almost every major hospital around the world, though the purpose behind each mention can be quite different. Some may be suggesting other countries to their patients whereas there are hospitals that have proven to be a major hub for medical tourists. Well, it is more than often that one comes across patients whose financial capacity is much smaller when compared to the estimated hospital bills. In such cases, in order to receive the much needed care at a reasonable cost, those patients are sent across to other smaller countries where the same or equivalent treatment is provided at a cost that is much less expensive. Usually this case is prevalent where people from the west gladly go in for treatment in countries like India or Singapore.
Earlier medical tourism was restricted to major heart surgeries and for other popular treatments, however in recent times, even for life threatening diseases such as cancer and organ transplantation, medical tourism has definitely risen for all the aspects mentioned and has indeed proven to be a great source for revenue to the host country’s economy. Since, it is most often that it happens to be a developing country; medical tourism has openly been encouraged by the respective governments. After all, service to humanity should not just be restricted to only a particular nation’s citizens. This is why medical tourism is continuously evolving and is getting to be better than the best slowly. There is also another instance where doctors or other healthcare professionals are sent across to treat when the patients are large in number, in the event of an epidemic. We must always work towards making this entire world a better place, but for that to happen, every country and its citizens must show their support.

Medical Tourism has revolutionized the look of modern medicine!
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